Hi there 👋, Gamze here!

Skills & Professional Fields

Multidisciplinary Designer, yes it's me!

I wear many hats, like web design, front-end development, product design, manager, lead, teacher, and more; but they all revolve around building better products, pushing the brand forward, and telling engaging and compelling stories. I consider myself a problem solver. Whenever I come across an issue, I take the necessary steps to fix it. By analyzing user behavior online, I identify where they face difficulties and then devise strategies to assist them in moving forward. My focus is on continuous learning to enhance the user experience.

A Decade of Design & Freelancing Adventures!

During my decade-long freelance career, I have completed various projects that have enriched my portfolio. I have undertaken over 100 start-to-finish website design projects, 20% of which were e-commerce websites. All of these websites were designed to be responsive, meaning they adapt to different devices. I have also mastered popular CMSs and design tools such as WordPress, Figma, Photoshop, XD, Squarespace, and Webflow, as well as custom-coded management panels designed by different companies. Additionally, I have designed more than 300 logos and icons, helping brands stand out with unique identities. I have also worked on designing different printed materials such as brochures, catalogs, business cards, and annual reports. Besides, I have brought digital interactive brochures to life and created engaging presentations and email templates. My freelance career has been an exciting journey filled with creativity, pixels, and endless possibilities!

Nurturing Adobe Crafts & WordPress Wizards at Bilge Adam

Picture this: I spent a delightful three years as an Adobe trainer at the Bilge Adam Information Technologies Academy, where the vibe was as vibrant as a Photoshop masterpiece. I utilized real-life design projects to provide my students with practical experience before their job placements. I established an "agency-like environment" to encourage teamwork and collaboration on assigned tasks. I went beyond the standard curriculum and taught my students how to use various tools such as Bootstrap, Asana, and Slack. After multiple discussions with the management, I was able to incorporate Bootstrap into the curriculum for the next semester. The attendance and graduation rates in my class were higher than the average. It was truly gratifying to witness that 60% of my students secured design-related jobs after graduating. I am still teaching creatives on YouTube for fun!

Blog Posts

Blog Posts