By The Power of Icons
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3 January 2018
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By The Power of Icons

By the Power of Icons

Icons have a very important place in many digital and printed designs, especially in web design. If used correctly, the icons complement the aesthetics of your design and they can provide a better user experience. The use of an icon is quite impressive if you look at the whole of the design. But if used incorrectly it can lead to confusion.

Now with the basic rules I will give you, you can make your designs more useful and aesthetic with icons.

1- You can use icons to list a product promotion or service attributes step by step process on a target. The use of icons is a powerful, modern and good way to give information about the content of the target audience. Icons actually help the target audience to find out or get ideas quickly when searching at design. As you can see in a few examples, the possibilities are infinite, you can determine many different designed icon families according to the content of your design, the color and the institution it represents.

2- You can use icons to define and strengthen your links or link actions in web design. If you look out for social media channels such as YouTube, facebook twitter that we use every day, they take advantage of the power of icons and use descriptive icons alongside links. Note that, icons should be descriptive and understandable when you use the icon, and if you have enough places label your icon with a word. Just be careful not to use the icon alone instead of text content.

3- Even if your icon represents a logotype, do not make the icons central to your design, icons are used as supporting elements. The writing should be on the leading edge.

4- There are two types of icon formats. Raster image icons or vector icons. Use a vector icon instead of an image icon whenever possible, vector icons do not ruin any degradation in both large and small sizes, so it will reduce the weight of your document and allow you to get a cleaner design. You can use vector icon fonts for web design.

You can design your own icons, also download and use many royalty-free and creative-common icons as online. In addition to some nice websites, that you can sell your own icons, also find web icon fonts in the section below.

Free Online Icon Resources

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